August 2020 Newsletter

The challenging times with COVID-19 are certainly still with us & who knows how long this unwanted global pandemic will remain with us is anyone’s guess there are stories, predictions, social media speculation & stories virtually on the hour every day along with a host of media commentary speculating their newly found medical knowledge on all aspects COVID-19. And, then throw in a forthcoming election, this delivers trying times for all New Zealanders with so much uncertainty around jobs, household & business incomes education & economic outcomes over the next couple of years & most importantly our general well being of ourselves & our family. We can but only hope that over the next few weeks we can return to a level of normality whatever that future normality may be or what it may look like.

One of the upsides of the “Lockdown” has certainly seen New Zealanders out & about travelling around our great little country & supporting the local business operators & long may this continue. We are seeing New Zealanders enjoying travel & holidays in a local environment that was very much the norm in years gone by & we are so lucky to have so many great places & attractions to enjoy & also instil some very much needed funds into local economies & confidence back into the country.

I for one & soon to embark upon a “first-time” experience which both Marlene & I are looking forward to as we fly into Christchurch & pick up a Maui Campervan & start on a tour of the South Island, to places like Westport, then driving down the coast & then visiting a number of our great scenic locations through to Milford Sound  & spending time in & around Central Otago & no doubt on our journey we will meet up with numerous Kiwis enjoying the same unique scenic locations New Zealand offers. I can certainly say that without the “stay at home” life we have at present we may well have never taken the opportunity to have a good look around “Postcard New Zealand”.

At Apex we have certainly seen those levels of uncertainty evident in & around clients risk protection. their mortgage, Kiwisaver & Investments & that is totally understandable however we are totally committed to work, advice & assist with all of our clients in these challenging times. I am only a phone call away to assist & advise.

There are also a number of people who are feeling the pressure that these challenging times bring & we know only too well that can be the catalyst for anxiety, depression & stress. It is so important that if we have that concern or we know of friends or family who may be feeling those unwanted pressure that we talk, pick up the phone & have a chat, go out for a coffee but don’t “bottle it up” talk to someone & I am only too happy for anyone that just wants to have a chat I am always more than happy to have a chat.

Or you may like to take a look at the Sir John Kirwan App ‘Mentemia’. Well worth signing up to this App, the Mentemia App is part of the AIA Vitality program.

My contact details are below, look after yourselves & your family, stay positive the good times are coming & please any assistance, advice you may want please just contact me.

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail

Regards & thanks,


P.S. If you are in business, then you really do need to protect yourself with some form of insurance. Download my free resource on the 10 Reasons to have Insurance if you are in Business. Grab your copy here

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