December 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to my December Newsletter,

As the year comes to an end, I wish to thank all those New Zealanders who have worked so hard to get us through what will hopefully be the worst of our encounters with COVID-19.

Thank you to the 90% (plus) New Zealanders who responded to the call to vaccinate. Your support of the Government’s plan has enabled us to move into the COVID Protection Framework and return to some normality.

I wish to thank all those New Zealanders tirelessly working at the coalface. Healthcare workers, police, army, teachers, supermarket staff, border workers, and so many others; you are all New  Zealander’s of the year!

A big thank you to the business owners around the country who have faced challenges they could never have predicted. You have stuck with it and realigned as you have needed. Thank you also for the support you have given your staff. 2022 will reward your resilience and tenacity.

To the decision-makers and advisors, thank you for your tireless contribution. You face ongoing scrutiny from the media, social media experts, self-appointed experts, and many others. Achieving a positive and manageable health outcome for New Zealand while clearing a path to move forward is an ongoing challenge. Thank you!

May 2022 be a year of positivity, unity, enjoyment, good health and success for all New Zealanders and our great little country.

Wishing you all the very best,


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Dame Valerie Adams: What my son’s diabetes diagnosis taught me

Everything happened on July 19 2020. I noticed Kepaleli was lethargic throughout the week and was urinating profusely. His temperature was normal but I had this inclination that it might be type 1 diabetes, so we called Healthline.

We explained the symptoms and were told to go to the hospital immediately. When we got there, the doctors had to try hard to find a line because he was so dehydrated. He was being poked and prodded, it was hard to watch. They also had to keep taking blood to check his levels. It was a very painful time for my poor child.

When his diagnosis was confirmed, I was devastated. I wanted to take all the pain away from him. It was a very emotional period for our family, and it was incredibly heartbreaking.

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Ian Jones and Dominic Bowden talk mens’ health and mindfulness

Our physical and overall wellbeing should be a priority, but for many New Zealand men this isn’t quite the case. Why is this? What are some ways we can keep the communication lines open and encourage people to be more mindful of their health? Former All Black legend, Ian Jones talks to Dominic Bowden as they share their experience, tips and a few pearls of wisdom they’ve learned along the way.

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The Get Fit Exercise Challenge

Do you want to get fighting fit but are not sure where to start? Why not sign up for a challenge? Competition is a fantastic motivator, even if you are only in competition with yourself.

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Summer Home Security

With the summer months and the holiday season upon us, it is time to think about home security. Traditionally, this time of year is a prime time for home burglaries.

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