February 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022,

I trust that everyone is having a wonderful summer. We have enjoyed some incredible weather, and despite some COVID-related restrictions, the summer delivered us a well-earned break after a challenging year.

Congratulations to Zoi Sadowski-Synott for winning New Zealand’s first, gold medal at the Winter Olympics. It was fantastic to watch! Let’s hope to see more medals come our way over the coming weeks.

I don’t want to dwell on the COVID situation here in NZ, but I do feel that we are in a strong post-recovery position when compared to many countries around the world. I am confident that as we move through the first quarter of 2022 we will reap the rewards of our collective efforts.

Without a doubt, the year will present us with many financial challenges. With inflation and interest rates trending upward, lending criteria tightening and global markets, such as oil prices increasing our domestic costs, we will need to bolster ourselves for the impact.

However, overall confidence in the NZ job market remains buoyant. The continuance of an ever-increasing demand in the building sector, infrastructure, export growth, and technology present the country with many positive opportunities. Hopefully, this will all balance out favourably against the challenges we face.

The keyboard world we live in has seen many of our day-to-day activities become electronic. I want to reinforce that Apex is committed to delivering an A+ rated personal service to all of our clients.

I feel fortunate that I have the support of an excellent team who can assist, advise, and explain all aspects of the compliance process for the financial service market and its related products. Additionally, I value the support of an excellent internal customer service team.

Should you need advice or assistance, or know anyone that would benefit from our services please contact me.

May 2022 be a year of good health and opportunity for you and your family.

Now, let us move toward normality filled with positivity!

Best wishes, until next month,


The best compliment you can give me is to recommend me to your family & friends. Is there anyone you know who would benefit from my services & advice?

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail kevinh@apexgroup.co.nz

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