July 2022 Newsletter

Hi there,

Welcome to my July newsletter. We are well and truly in the throes of winter! The borders are open, and the school holidays are upon us, so we should see a hive of activity around the country.

Nationally, we face many financial pressures that are challenging our lives daily. The situation is not unique to New Zealand, but it will be a matter of bracing ourselves for further challenges as the global ships rights itself. We have seen this cycle before and have recovered; this time will be no different.

My message is to reflect on the freedom and relative privilege we enjoy as a nation, especially when we compare ourselves to many parts of the world.

Take care on those wintery roads and do your best to stay well.

Wishing you all the very best for the month ahead.


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How Justine Alley’s weekend away changed her life

After a serendipitous conversation with an AIA staff member while on holiday, Justine Alley was inspired to become a member of AIA Vitality to get her health back on track. She has since dramatically improved her overall health and wellbeing and is now bringing her staff members along on the journey.

Justine Alley is a co-owner of a veterinarian clinic, so she is unfortunately familiar with long hours, high pressure and stress. “I knew I needed to do more to look after myself, but I didn’t really know how to do it,” Justine explains. After joining AIA Vitality, Justine found it simple and fun to prioritise her health. “With AIA Vitality, it gave me small things to work on, so it was totally achievable, and you get rewarded for doing it.”

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AIA Rehab – when caring goes beyond claims

At AIA New Zealand, rehab for customers is an integral part of the claims process.

A young Auckland mum was on parental leave last year when she was suddenly made redundant.

It was a jolt, personally and professionally, for the childcare worker who later spoke to her GP about her mental health.

Luckily for Jayani (not her real name), she had an income protection policy with AIA New Zealand – and her claim triggered something that was ultimately to do her a power of good: AIA’s 360 Care rehabilitation programme.

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Winter Wellness

With winter now in full swing, you can be forgiven for daydreaming about hibernation and hearty bowls of warm stodge. Once the cold sets in, leaving the warmth of your bed can be difficult,  often met with a grimacing groan and a few rounds with the snooze button. As for that early morning exercise routine? Many of us kiss that goodbye too.

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Lean, mean small business machine

The goal of every small business is to one day be big. However, don’t rest on the thinking that growing your company requires massive investment. Here are three simple tactics to grow with what you have and fast-track your growth.

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