Madame JoJo’s

jojo03Madame Jojo’s is a destination with first class, fine food. It’s a business that was started 10 years ago by Chef Joanna Williams from her shop in Remuera Village. They offer top of the range cabinet and menu meals – they batch cook meals; single serve gourmet dinners, soups and desserts – either fresh from the fridge or frozen out of the freezer. AND have a selection of vegetarian, gluten free and paleo options!

jojo02Imagine being able to pick up a meal that is delicious and nutritious and do nothing more than put it in the oven to heat it up. Imagine no longer, we can highly recommend both the service and the food! Dinners are available Monday to Friday after 3pm from Remuera with daily specials from their new One Tree Hill location – you do have to be a little organised and phone your order through.

Here’s an example of last week’s menu;

  • Monday: Chicken parmigiana in rich tomato sauce, scalloped potatoes, green beans
  • Tuesday: Slow cooked pork adobo, aromatic rice, sautéed greens
  • Wednesday: Beef bourguignon, creamy mash, peas
  • Thursday: Roast pork, golden roasties, pickled cabbage, gravy, apple sauce
  • Friday: Coconut curry crumbed fish, bombay potatoes, mango salsa

jojo01Mouth-watering right!? Visit their website for further details, and when you check them out you’ll see that their presentation of food is to the highest standard.

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