March 2020 Newsletter

This week we have seen history in NZ! Not the sort of history six months ago any of us were expecting as New Zealand goes into a virtual “lockdown” for at least the next month, it’s a very stressful and unpredictable time currently with Coronavirus Covid-19 affecting so many countries, economies, businesses and individuals – and it doesn’t look like disappearing anytime soon but I am sure with a united Kiwi effort we will repel this nasty virus over time & normality will return to our lives & day to day living & leisure & let’s hope with our united effort the wait will not be that of a long duration.

During this extremely anxious time, I do want to assure you that I am here to assist you, at I understand fully so many of you will have questions around your Risk Protection & Mortgage & your financial wellbeing & I wanted to assure you I am available at any time to talk with you  & address any questions or queries.

We are also taking all precautions necessary, to keep our team and office environment safe and abide by all Ministry of Health guidelines at present & this sees Apex in lockdown with all of our staff working from home for the next month this will not in any way detract from myself & the Apex staff attending to your risk portfolio, offering advice on your present cover & any additional cover you may wish to consider & also claims, questions & queries you may have & you have our assurance as clients of mine & Apex we are there to help, advice & assist.  

I have in this newsletter endeavoured to give you an overview regarding insurance & CORONA-VIRUS & I hope that this will address a number of your questions & queries.  

All I ask please that each of us adhere to the requests & requirements of the Government & Ministry of Health & we play our role as caring Kiwis, take care of yourself, your family, neighbours & our older fellow Kiwis & please be kind to one another, we are a strong nation as we have displayed previously when we have been faced with adversity & in 2020 we face a new challenge & a challenge as a nation we will come out the other side with renewed positive & exciting opportunities for each of us  & for our families, employment & business opportunities.

If I can or you wish me to assist you or your family & friends, I am only a phone call, text or e-mail away.

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail

Regards & thanks,


P.S. If you are in business, then you really do need to protect yourself with some form of insurance. Download my free resource on the 10 Reasons to have Insurance if you are in Business. Grab your copy here

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