November 2019 Newsletter

As we race towards the end of the year November is an excellent time to pause and reflect on what you have accomplished so far, and to prepare for where you would like to be by the end of the year!

It’s important to keep your momentum going, but as the invitations to holiday celebrations start to roll in, don’t forget to schedule some time for yourself.

On the very subject of self-care, I would like to highlight this recent video on TVNZ Breakfast.

Shaun Robinson of the Mental Health Foundation talks to Matty about the importance of good mental health, and how tools like Te Whare Tapa Wha and the AIA Vitality app can help Kiwis in their wellbeing journey.

I was just recently given some numbers around mental health & the global impact it has on so many people & they highlight the serious nature of Mental Health, I am certainly not wishing to be the communicator of gloom & sadness but sadly it is a reality.

  • Depression is ranked by the WHO as the single largest contributor to global disability
  • 1 in 5 New Zealanders will experience mental health & addiction challenges in any given year
  • The annual cost in NZ of serious mental illness & addiction is approx $12 Billion which equates to approx. 5% of the countries annual GDP
  • 688 lives were lost to suicide in NZ from July 2017 to June 2018 almost twice the national road toll

The message that sums up AIA Vitality Health & Well Being program is simple, but I think effective “Take a small step to a healthier you, eat a bit better, move a bit more, take a moment”.

It is imperative that we all take on board the message to look after our own & our families health & well being but as good Kiwis we can all play a role for our fellow Kiwis to assist in making us a healthier nation.

Have a look at the AIA Vitality Program & what it can do for you & your peace of mind & wellbeing. With the right risk protection portfolio, and supported with a personal health & wellbeing program & I am sure all of us have family, friends or workmates that can benefit by taking a small step to a healthier life, eat a bit better, move a little.

I would welcome the opportunity to have a chat with them to introduce myself, Apex, AIA & the AIA Vitality program.

All my contact details are in this newsletter or my website.

Have a look at

If I can assist you before year-end also, please get in touch.

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail

Regards & thanks,


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