November 2020 Newsletter

As summer & Christmas is nearly with us & 2020 is about to come to a close, we would all acknowledge it has been a year like no other year. With the unwanted arrival of COVID-19 we saw 2020 change all of our lives in some way, some for a short period, some people & companies are now starting to come out the other side, some have experienced growth in their business & opportunities & some are still locked into the unknown & life & business changes COVID-19 has delivered.

However, we can not dwell entirely on the downside of COVID-19, we can all be rightly proud of where NZ globally sits at present as we now work our way in what post-COVID-19 may look like. We can proudly reflect what our role has been in been part of a proud nation to deliver so many positives & why the NZ passport is viewed globally as a “Gold Medal” passport. This highlights the strength of NZ as a preferred country to call home.

In the main, we have community control of COVID-19 and yes, with some “blips” at the border which can realistically be expected with a large number of Kiwis etc returning home. When we were faced with a “new experience”, the reality is New Zealand & New Zealanders have all played a role to get us back to a life of 95% normality. COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon but we have sound internal controls & tracing and not many countries are doing that. Compare that with the UK, Europe & USA & Melbourne.

We have had an election, and taking into account whatever individual political preferences we may have we have strong political stability which as a key to the COVID 19 financial recovery. Compare that to what we are seeing every day in the USA & now becoming a concern in the UK, France & Germany.

Lower than ever interest rates for home buyers & Yes acknowledging in that house prices are climbing daily are a concern but highlight the strength of  NZ as a preferred country to call home  & the market interest.

Financial market predictions for SME’s & the post-COVID-19 business recovery & jobs is more positive than earlier predictions & we saw examples of that in September end quarter numbers & Kiwisaver funds have in the main “bounced back” to pre COVID-19.

We have live sports, concerts & social gatherings with crowds & can go to the movies—One of the few countries in the world that can do that.

We can go to restaurants, shopping malls & move around freely virtually “mask free” & we have the ability & encouragement to travel around our wonderful country & visit some of the best scenic journeys around the world & in doing so support our hard-hit tourism & hospitality sector – try doing that in the UK & parts of Europe at present.

The All Blacks are going well (a slight hiccup on the weekend) with the Silver Ferns in front of supportive crowds along with numerous other Kiwis in various sports around the globe. Again, our small country is a dominant performer in so many sporting arenas.

We are about to see a full summer of international cricket & other summer sports & of course America’s Cup once they sort out their “normal” America’s Cup feuds & we can be part of the live-action -not many countries doing that. We are even going to see the historic Melbourne Cup been held on the first Tuesday of November with no crowds at Flemington whereas here in NZ we had thousands of people enjoying being part of the Melbourne cup scene at restaurants, race meetings & social gatherings around the country.

I am confident that we are about to see some border relaxation in the not too distant future between ourselves, Australia & the Pacific. As we hopefully relax our borders some countries around the world are tightening their borders.

I am delighted & proud of what New Zealanders & our country have achieved in this year we can never forget & we can look forward with pride & a positive mindset on our future in Aotearoa a “Global Jewel” in these trying times. Well done & best wishes & good luck to all & stay positive we have good times ahead.

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail

Regards & thanks,


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