October 2019 Newsletter

Well, spring is here, daylight saving is with us the Rugby World Cup is well underway & AIA Vitality is here & this is an opportunity for clients not only to have their risk protection cover with AIA but also be part of the AIA Health & Wellbeing program.

The program now operates in 30 countries around the world & NZ is the latest country for AIA to launch their program, which offers you a healthier lifestyle which leads to amazing rewards for you the client & also gives you as an AIA Vitality member the opportunity for a 10% discount on your AIA Insurance premiums for the life of the policy as long as you maintain your AIA Vitality membership.

As an introduction to AIA Vitality the program is been offered at no charge or fees at present to those who sign up to the program & no monthly fee of $11-50 per month is payable until November 2020. I can assure you that the ongoing rewards, offerings & premium discounts more than compensate the monthly fee & for those Vitality members who maximise the offerings, incentives, rewards of the program the dollar annual savings are significant.

The objective of AIA Vitality is simply expressed as – Take a small step. Move a bit more. Enjoy the rewards

The Vitality program has three fantastic ambassadors who are out & about in the community promoting AIA’s Health & Well Being program & the good health of New Zealanders.

Former All Black Ian Jones who now is a devoted extreme athlete & health & wellbeing advocate & also the man along with his wife Janine, behind “Eddies Meals” a community-based program on the North Shore of Auckland with the motto “Whether it be homelessness or loneliness we aim to bring people together through sharing of conversation & a hot meal”.

Jess Quinn the amazing 26-year-old amputee who is an inspiration to us all for her “Can Do Anything” attitude & her achievements are truly amazing, whether it be “Dancing with the Stars”, modelling or communicating with her 160,000 Instagram followers.

Dame Valerie Adams, the legendary Olympian twice Olympic Gold Medallist, four times World Champion & three times Commonwealth Games Gold medallist in her chosen event the shot put a great NZ community leader in doing her utmost to mentor young people to succeed & enhance their life opportunities.

Have a look at this quick video for more information on AIA Vitality…

The link of AIA Vitality points & rewards guide will give you further insight into the workings, benefits & rewards within the program.

AIA is the second-largest global life insurance company who recently acquired Sovereign are NZ’s largest life insurer with an A+ Claims & Financial strength rating & offer to the NZ market a full suite of Risk Protection policies with extremally good value for money premiums & first-class benefits within their policies.
AIA have a commitment that is “It’s at the heart of everything we do to help people live healthier, longer, better lives”

For those who receive this newsletter who have either Sovereign or AIA policies & would like more information or wish to become part of the AIA Vitality Program, just drop me an e-mail or text.

And for those who receive this newsletter who at present do not have risk protection policies with AIA or Sovereign & would like further information also just drop me an e-mail or text & we can go from there.

Kevin – Mobile (027) 204 4301 or E-Mail kevinh@apexgroup.co.nz

Regards & thanks,


P.S. If you are in business, then you really do need to protect yourself with some form of insurance. Download my free resource on the 10 Reasons to have Insurance if you are in Business. Grab your copy here

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