Shelley’s Story of Heartache & Gratitude

A few years ago Shelley was leading a full and active life as mother of four, a teacher and an aerobics instructor. Then in 2005 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare tumour deep in her spinal cord that flipped her family’s life on its head.

A team of expert surgeons successfully removed the tumour a few weeks after the diagnosis, but it’s the recovery that has proven to be the hardest part of the journey. Shelley spent eight months in a wheelchair, before moving onto crutches and then finally learning to walk again on her own.

Her limited mobility put a lot of strain on the family as Shelley could no longer look after her kids, clean the house or even cook. Fortunately the trauma insurance she’d taken out with Sovereign kicked in and allowed her husband to take time off from work to look after her and the family. It allowed the family to maintain hope and ease the pressure by allowing them the financial freedom to do things together they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. It’s something Shelley is extremely grateful for as finances are one less thing they have to worry about and ensures they’ll be well looked after if the tumour ever returns.

See Shelley’s full story below:

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