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lisagarrudIntroducing Lisa Garrud from Isatrin.

Email newsletters can help your business connect with customers – and increase sales – as long as you make sure they’re effective. At Isatrin, we prepare content and newsletters for our clients that have a high open rate and low unsubscribe rate. Here are three reasons why you need an email newsletter;

1. Drive sales.

People don’t buy because you sell. They buy because they trust you, are loyal to you and are fans of your business. When a recipient views your email, you’ve got the opportunity to highlight a product, explain the benefits and connect them to a point of sale in moments (if you do online sales). If they are on your database because they have purchased from you in the past, this is the opportunity to tell them about other services you offer – cross selling.

2. Connect with your customers.

Customers want to connect to the businesses and brands they like. Connecting to your customers in person is a matter of being personable, presentable, and professional – it’s the same with your newsletter.

There are many ways to build that loyalty and connection via email. It could be a mortgage broker’s newsletter that has tips for home owners – interior design, landscaping, eating healthy. It could be a business sharing trade news of interest to their industry. If you’re informing alongside your selling, you’re building a long-term relationship with your customers. That’s connecting.

3. Increase traffic to your website.

If you want people to visit your website, it’s simply not enough to hope that your customers will gravitate to your site organically.

Ideally, the information is loaded onto your website in its full glory – only a teaser or snippet appears in the newsletter and on your social media (perhaps try a different headline for different types of channels). This encourages the viewer to click through to ‘read more’. This also gives you some measurement of what your audience is interested in reading.

Also, by loading new content onto your website on a regular basis, search engines start learning that they need to visit your site more often to catalogue the new content – this can increase your rankings.

Lisa is the director of Isatrin who provide services in design, web and content marketing. If you are interested in getting a newsletter to your database that gets opened and connects you to your clients – contact her or visit her website.

Lisa Garrud, Isatrin Limited
P: (09) 928 1324
E: lisa@isatrin.com

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